World Environment Day Celebration at Ullens

05 June, 2019




United Nations has themed this year’s environment day as “Air Pollution.”  United Nations allocates a country every year to celebrate this day. It’s being celebrated in China and all over the world with the slogan “We can’t stop breathing, but we can do something about the quality of air that we breathe.” Ullens School, being one of the globally recognized institutions and one of the major stakeholders of sustainable practices, celebrated World Environment Day by involving students in various activities. The primary objective of those activities was to make students aware of the condition of our environment and teach them how their seemingly small efforts could play a role in conserving and promoting our environment.

Students from Grade I and II learned about tree plantation and the role of trees in making our life healthy. Students seemed very excited to learn about plants. Grade III students wrote creative writings on saving our earth from air pollution. Their art and creativity have made our wall beautiful. Junior students are clear about how air is polluted and what role trees play in making our environment clean.

Similarly, Grade IV & V students expressed their creativity by making pamphlets on the theme “Beat Air Pollution.” Our green boards are full of beautiful creative slogans where students have expressed themselves. Grade VI, VII, & VIII students exchanged ideas and produced write-ups on current environmental threats.    


Based on the research students of IX and X conducted over the past few weeks on air pollution, they presented their understanding of the theme through poems songs and skit. Through these activities Students advocated environmental issues making their stance to fight against the present environment concerns.