Ullens Experience

These one and half years of high school that I spent in Ullens School are the best times of my entire school education phase. Ullens is really one of the best schools in Nepal. I can't ask for more as there is everything needed already. The teachers are helpful. Whenever there is anything I need or don't understand, they are always there without delay. The school has a great reputation for results and success and this is due to the staff and the infrastructure. The facilities are just amazing and the place feels homely. Joining Ullens is definitely one of the best decisions of my life and I am very grateful that I have the opportunity to study here. I recommend Ullens school to anybody I know. 

Grade XII Science

Pratistha Saakha

Hi! My name is June Piya. Ever since I came to Ullens, I've loved it being here. On the very first day, I met my best friend from Kindergarten. I really like all the teachers, from Grade I to V. I also made a new best friend and we've been together since third grade. The school is big and makes me feel at home. My school is wonderful and fun. Our teachers teach really well and I understand almost everything. 

Grade V 'B'

June Piya

Ullens is the place of wonder and joy. Children love education and their friendly teachers. Ullens is a unique school and makes learning special. I like Ullens because of my kind teachers and my friends. For me Ullens is a battery passing out knowledge and we are the light bulbs receiving it. In our school, we don't have school uniforms and they serve us nutritious vegetarian meals. I enjoy doing team work with my friends.

My most cherished memory is the Halloween party. I love receiving candies and dressing up as Dracula and scaring friends. It is fun going to field trips and collecting new information. I hope Ullens School will always be the best school ever. 

Grade IV 'A'

Aadi S. Thapa

Ullens school is special for me . With the help of the teachers and friends I met here, I could adjust well in the new foreign country, Nepal. Teachers believe that every students are unique and respect our opinions. I shared my worries and problems with my teachers and they helped me to find the right solution. My school is fun. We have extra curriculum activities  like music, art, theatre, Chinese language, and sports to increase our skills in various sectors. I experienced and learned many new things through Ullens School. There are different celebration programs like Model United Nations, educational tour and fundraising for the helpless. One thing that I was impressed with my school is that we celebrate 'diversity day' due to the concept of 'unity in diversity'. Therefore, my school is unique and is a perfect place to study.

Grade IX 'B'

Juhui Kim