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On Campus Facilities

Our campus is modern and safe. Classrooms are bright and airy, with furniture that suits the developmental age of the students and encourages interaction. Well-equipped classrooms for science, art, music and drama help promote the Ullens philosophy of learning through exploration.

Kadjou Building

The junior block, or Kadjou Building, operates classes I to VIII, accommodating 480 students. It has a cafeteria, library, science labs, and performing arts rooms. It has a rooftop playground with soft rubber flooring for students in grades I to III. It is also used by grades VI through VIII for soft football. The building has over 40,000 square feet of operational space.


We believe that reading is the best way to develop vocabulary and improve comprehension skills.

We have three libraries, one each in the junior, senior and IBDP building. In total, the libraries hold 20,000 books, periodicals and resource materials. Each library is staffed by qualified librarians, and all provide access to online publications and books. The elementary and secondary grades have classroom libraries, but students visit the school library for special classes and general reading.

Parents are always welcome at the school’s libraries. We strongly encourage parents to read with their children, especially in the elementary grades. Reading from a young age helps children develop a lifelong appreciation for learning.

Science Laboratories

The biology, chemistry and physics laboratories allow hands-on study and help students gain experience in scientific methods. All of our laboratories of the junior and senior buildings are well equipped and IBO certified.

Computer Laboratories

Ullens School is equipped to meet the educational needs of children in today’s technologically driven world. The school’s computer laboratories in the junior and senior buildings are each equipped with 35 computer systems and connected to high-speed Internet. Students have unlimited access to the laboratory and are encouraged to spend their free time doing coursework and personal research. However, we maintain a strict code of conduct related to the use of the Internet and expect all students and parents to be aware of the standards.

Digital Classrooms

Ullens teachers use interactive whiteboards, known as ActivBoards, to enhance their lessons. The boards have a digital projector and a special screen that records and saves what is written on it. The boards also allow immediate Internet connectivity from the classrooms. They are rich instructional tools used by both teachers and students.


A fully equipped proscenium stage auditorium, which seats up to 500 individuals, is available for assemblies and performing arts shows. The floor of the auditorium is fitted with high-quality rubber mats so that it may be used as a gymnasium. Students use this space for indoor sports, such as table tennis, badminton and gymnastics.


The school operates two cafeterias: one in the junior building and one in the senior building. Hot vegetarian lunches are served to all students. In addition, breakfast is provided to students in the elementary grades and an afternoon snack is available to students in the secondary grades. The food committee finalizes school menus, and meals are prepared in our modern kitchen by trained staff under the direction of a professional chef.


Ullens School is located one kilometer from the Ring Road in Khumaltar, Lalitpur. Ullens has a fleet of air-conditioned microbuses for transporting students to and from school.. Ullens is also accessible from all parts of the Kathmandu Valley by public transportation. Ninety percent of our students use the school transportation.