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Special Programs

Ullens is committed to helping every child be successful. Teachers are well aware of the diversity of learners that are present in the classroom, and they develop differentiated and child-specific strategies to help each student meet their grade level expectations.

Meeting Individual Needs

Sometimes a child may experience academic difficulties. In such cases teachers will assist students, either individually or in small groups, to minimize discrepancy between age and grade or between grade and academic achievement in a particular subject.

A school counselor is available for students to work on behavioral, social and emotional issues. Confidentiality is vigorously maintained in all counseling sessions.

Student Study Committee

This committee addresses academic and behavioral difficulties that students face. When teachers observe consistent problems, they discuss the situation with the student study committee. The committee recommends a variety of paths the teacher may take to try to resolve the student’s problem. If problems continue, the student is referred to the school counselor.