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Concept of an ideal school is born

 With the initiation of Mr. Som Paneru, President of Happy House Nepal, an advisory team of experts is formed.

Baron Guy Ullens, President of Happy House Foundation, Switzerland; a nonprofit charity, donor to Happy House Nepal, working for the welfare of underprivileged children in Nepal with Som Paneru, supports the idea of starting the ‘ideal’ school.


School will be named after Baron Guy Ullens

In recognition to Baron Guy Ullens for his unparalleled contribution to the less fortunate children of Nepal it is decided the ‘ideal’ school will be named after him.

Groundwork completed to establish the school


Ullens School obtains license to run grade IX

UEF Procures 5.5 Ropani of land, adjacent to the rented, main campus.

Authorization to operate the IB Diploma Programme commences.


First batch of SLC students graduate

Receives authorization from IBO to run the IB Diploma Programme and subsequently from the Government of Nepal. The IB Diploma Programme starts operation as the first IB World School in Nepal.

First batch of SLC students graduate with better than anticipated results

The inauguration of the IB Diploma Programme and Graduation ceremony of the first batch of SLC of the School is celebrated!

Land acquisition of Nala, Kavre begins


First batch of IBDP graduates

First batch of IBDP graduates with above global average score 3.4 GPA


First batch of IBDP graduates

Ullens Kindergarten commences operation with 65 students.


An ultra-modern building

An ultra-modern building, Kadjou building of 40,000 sq. ft., purposefully designed for elementary level (grade 1-8) comes under operation

UEF procures 9 Ropanis of land across the road from main campus at Khumaltar.


First batch of HSEB science stream graduates

Suresh Raj Building construction begins

Commences construction of another 80,000 sq. ft. world class school building purposefully built for the IB Diploma Programme with a capacity for 300 students with basement parking and sports faculties


Ullens LEAP | Nepal’s first Gap Year Program begins


Ideal school is identified

Medin Lamichhane, Principal-to-be for this ideal school is identified.

Mr. Lamichhane completes Masters in Education Leadership from Bank Street College of Education, New York and returns to Nepal to start the ‘ideal’ school.


Ideal school is identified

Ullens Education Foundation, a not-for-profit distributing company is registered in the Office of the Company Registrar on January 1st 2006.

UEF establishes Ullens School and obtains license to run classes from K – 8.

Ullens School starts operation with 64 students from grades K-8.

Formal inauguration of the school takes place on November 11, 2006.


Ullens School obtains license to run grade X


Buildings and new constructions

A two-storey building is constructed to house a capacity of 90 student specifically for the IB Diploma Programme on the ground floor and a multipurpose hall with a capacity of 500 above it.

Obtains a lease agreement of thirteen years for a plot of 6 ropanis of land including a traditional ‘Rana’ palace to run the three-year-kindergarten program for 2.5 – 5.5 year olds. Roughly 3 crore is invested in the renovation of the ‘palace’ and additional construction in the premises.


Management & Science stream

HSEB (now National Education Board) commences operation with management & Science stream


First batch of HSEB management stream graduates


Classes start in state of the art Suresh Raj Building

Ullens Alumni Association established


UEF visits its master plan and based on it separates the administration wing from the instructional building in an independent space below the multipurpose auditorium.


Nala Outdoor Learning Center established, with over 400 ropanis of land

Nepal’s first liberal arts college conceptualization begins