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Ullens Alumni are spread all across the world in a myriad of fields and continue to give back to the world communities they live in, in their own way. UEF and the School keep in touch with the active alumni network through the Ullens Alumni Association, which connects the current school body with past graduates.

Ullens Annually hosts an Alumni Day in July in partnership with the UAA, and alumni regularly hold reunions across different continents.

Ullens Alumni Association

The Ullens Alumni Association (UAA) is a governing body under the Ullens School formed to strengthen and empower the Ullens alumni community. Established in June 2018, UAA runs under the leadership of a 13-member Executive Committee, acting as the formal nexus between Ullens School and its alumni circle. Our work focuses on deepening alumni networks through an array of programs that engage the alumni community worldwide.

UAA was formed with the mission of persistently promoting the spirit of alumni, and to encourage fellowship among all graduates in building a strong community. Above all, UAA exists with the goal of giving back to its alma mater, Ullens School, and to provide continuous support in strengthening the ties with alumni and the community.

UAA keeps the dynamic group of alumni engaged by regularly organizing networking events, volunteer activities, as well as fund raising events. These gatherings are an excellent way to collaborate and get the community together.

Ullens Alumni Association

Sashi Shrestha


Ankush Shrestha


Aakriti Kunwar


Suyogya Pant


Anjalika Sinha


Mandip Lamichhane

Regional Representative – North & South America

Tejash Parakram Bista

Regional Representative – Asia Pacific

Anbit Thapa

Regional Representative – Australia & New Zealand

Anushka Pokhrel

Regional Representative – Europe