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Aruna Bhattarai Gyawali

Chief Operating Officer

Aruna Bhattarai Gyawali is the Chief Operating Officer at the Ullens Education Foundation (UEF) where she leads, coordinates and manages operations for all of the Foundation’s projects, and takes direct charge of Procurement, HR and Logistics. Aruna serves as one of the four members in UEF’s Executive Committee. Aruna is a graduate in economics from Delhi University, India and has over 20 years of experience working in child & social welfare organizations.

Aruna has been in leadership roles from the time she began working at the Ullens’ child welfare charity project; Happy House Foundation (HHF). With over seventeen years of her association with ‘Ullens’, first with HHF and now the UEF, Aruna demonstrates professionalism in her continuous strive towards delivering excellence in service – the overall purpose of UEF. During her tenure with HHF, Aruna participated in the IVLP (International Visitor’s Leadership Program), a professional exchange program of the US State Government. The specific program, “Women as Leaders” provided Aruna an opportunity to attend several workshops and seminars on women, girlchild and adolescence, and travel extensively to four different American states.

Aruna’s passion for child welfare, education, and charity motivates her deep appreciation and investment in the core values of UEF: to constantly strive for a better quality of life through quality education. Outside of work, Aruna loves to travel to new places, experiment with new recipes, video-chat with her daughter, and read (among many others) her spiritual leader’s writings