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Celebrating Diversity and School Day with our Patron Baron Guy Ullens

18 November 2019

The Ullens School Community was honored to host our Patrons Mr. Guy Ullens and Ms. Myriam Ullens for their one-week-long visit to Nepal. The Ullens couple and other delegates including Monique, Garance & Garcia engaged themselves in different activities throughout their visit. Some highlights from the visit include: Inauguration of our newly built playground in Campus I, launching our Outdoor Learning Center in Nala, and interactions with different classes. The School Leadership Team along with the Board of Trustees and Principal Medin Lamichhane, guided the Ullens’ throughout their stay for their interactions with the Kindergarten, Grade 7, IB students and meeting with the entire school community on the eve of School Day.

IB Year II Business Management students’ interaction with Baron Guy Ullens

IB year II Business students had the opportunity to engage in an interactive session with Patron Baron Guy Ullens on November 7, 2019. The session was moderated by Ratul, from the IB business program. The session was curated and planned by the IB business teachers and coordinators, in order to bring a strong, connect with the Business Management Curriculum. During the program, students asked Mr. Ullens questions related to his leadership style, organization management, global business strategy and adjusting to different work cultures. Mr. Ullens’ strongest piece of advice to the young minds was to “take risks, especially about things that you are passionate about.??? He expressed optimism about the future leadership for our country, after interacting with the students and having an opportunity to ask some questions back to the students about the IB curriculum. It was a fruitful two-way interaction as Mr. Ullens shared his experience and also asked students what they liked about the Ullens School’s IBDP program. Our Principal Medin Lamichhane helped conclude the session by sharing his own learnings from Mr. Ullens and thanking the students and Baron Guy Ullens for their thorough participation.

Grade Seven Play “Moving On??? by Richard Stuart Dixon

On November 8, 2019, Grade Seven Students staged their play “Moving On??? by Richard Stuart Dixon for the Ullens’ and all the delegates.  “Moving On??? is a comedy about an elderly woman and two ghosts who witness a chaotic mix of events, relationships, and emotions as the woman’s family and friends helped her move out of her old home.  Principal Medin Lamichhane welcomed the guests and thanked grade seven students for preparing the show.  Krishant Acharya, a grade seven student hosted the ceremony and described the play to the guests.  A play fully appreciated by the school body and parents, it was a wonderful opportunity to showcase the students and teachers hard work to our international dignitaries.         

Guy Ullens visits Ullens Kindergarten: 

Guy & Myriam, along with Garance and Monique visited Ullens Kindergarten on November 8, 2019.  Always a highlight for the Ullens’ the warm environment of the school and the quality of the curriculum and the energy of the kids, left a very long-lasting impression on all the visitors. 

 They were impressed to see the progress and development that our Kindergarten students have shown as well as to see the dedication of the teachers, coordinators and the main steward Ms. Bunu Karki. Myriam was very happy to see students happily rejoicing in school life and learning.  All the visitors participated in group activities with the students and learnt about their different areas of development.

Ullens Outdoor Learning Center-Nala

On November 9, 2019, Ullens Alumni, students from Nepal Youth Foundation, along with other guests gathered at Nala to inaugurate the new ground at the Outdoor Learning Center.  The OLC was inaugurated by our patrons Guy & Myriam Ullens along with the UEF president Mr. Som Paneru. The area is being developed as an educational outdoor learning activity center, and to promote local tourism. To mark the inauguration, 150 trees were planted in the open space at OLC.  Students and attendees made full use of all the outdoor activities, mountain biking, hiking and enjoyed a hearty meal in the green environment of Nala, making it a beautiful day all in all. 

IB Film students create, “What does Diversity mean to us????

Under the guidance of the Film teacher Sanket, the students studying film in IB took up the challenge of conceptualizing, scripting, filming and editing a 5 to 6 minutes-long video about “what Diversity means to the Ullens School Community.??? After 2 full days of shooting across all the different campuses, the film students synced all the footage and started the difficult editing process. Finally, after 3 full days (and late nights!) of editing, they produced a thoughtful final product that was showcased at the pre-school day celebration in the evening of November 10, 2019. 

 Pre- School Day Eve celebration

In order to commemorate patron Mr. Guy Ullen’s presence, the entire school community came together to talk about the past, present and, future of Ullens School. After a detailed presentation to the entire audience at the Theatre by Mr. Som Paneru, Mr. Ullens shared his optimism for the future of Nepal through progressive education institutions like Ullens. The event was an opportunity to introduce the new Board members, and the incoming Interim CEO Dr. Arnico Panday to the Ullens school teachers & staff. As a party of celebrating Diversity and the 13th school day, students from grade 6 to 10, and teachers had put together thoughtful Diversity visuals to capture our dynamic community & learning styles, and the IB film students made a short film to celebrate our unique inclusive and open learning environment. Followed by dinner, fusion music and a lighting ceremony at the Ullens Bahal, the evening was symbolic in honoring the light of knowledge and optimism being created and shared by the Ullens School Community.

Diversity and School Day celebration from Grade One to Five

With the objective of “Promoting Multicultural Awareness and Understanding???, Grade I to V celebrated School and Diversity day on November 11, 2019. It was a great opportunity for Ullens school family, students and parents to promote their ethnocultural diversity through different activities like cultural dance, ethnic songs, and a parade. The presence of Baron Guy Ullens; our Patron, for the first time since the inception of Ullens School, raised the significance of the celebration. All the students along with their parents presented  themselves in their ethnic attire.

Just like in the past years, the parents contributed the food items representing their ethnicity and culture. A variety of food items from Newari, Marwari, Rai, Magar, Gurung communities and international communities was served with coordination help from the ATP. The program started with the welcome speech from the Principal Medin Lamichhane who welcomed Mr. Ullens, guests, and parents to the formal program. He also updated parents and guests on the progress and growth of the school, and invited the Patron of the School to inaugurate the brand-new playground in Campus 1. After the formal program ended parents and students along with guests enjoyed the large selection of ethnic foods celebrating the diverse community that forms the Ullens school family.

Diversity day celebration of Grade six and above

Ullens school believes in learning in Trans-Disciplinary themes. “Unity in diversity??? is one of the major attributes that the Ullens family has been celebrating since its inception. Students from grade VI-XII and IB Diploma students wore their ethnic dress and brought ethnic food cooked at home and celebrated Diversity day on November 10, 2019. Class photos in ethnic attire were taken in the morning. Representation from diverse culture, language, ethnicity, profession, and other grounds with a common objective of “Promoting Multicultural Awareness and Understanding???, among the students helped students understand more about the value of celebrating differences and sharing common values.