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Project Week

Project Week is a core part of the IB diploma programme at Ullens School. It provides students opportunities to apply skills acquired throughout the CAS and academic courses. It is a weeklong service project outside Kathmandu valley, which all students are required to participate. The Project Week also provides students prospects to learn about communities and environment of the rural areas of Nepal as they stay with the local family during this period.

The Project Week covers the following components:
  • Research: Conduct household surveys, focus group discussions, personal interviews and participant observation to learn about the local socio-economic conditions and environment. Learn survey and research skills and data processing.
  • Education: Engage with students and teachers of local schools with games, preparation of educational materials, school sanitation activities and school environment management related assistance.
  • Action: Hands on project to help the school and local community through activities like minor construction jobs, painting school building, furniture maintenance and farming.
  • Development: Personal and Community Development
Prior to the Project Week, the students organize various activities in school to raise funds, which are used to make donations and purchase materials for local schools. Upon completion of the Project Week, all students are required to write a reflection/report on the experiences and learning outcomes of the Project Week. Furthermore, each group needs to hold a presentation to share their findings and experiences from the Project Week.