UEF Philosophy

UEF has been leading by example in progressive education for the last 15 years to bring in world-class education opportunities to Nepal.

Our institutional philosophies are:
  • Promote diversity: Ensuring that the campus body has economic, cognitive, ethnic, and gender diversity and inclusiveness, be it in the student body or staff members.
  • Foster Social Responsibility: Ensuring that 20% of the students who come from low or no income families are given partial or full financial subsidy as well as supporting public schools through its outreach and service-learning.
  • Financial Sustainability: While delivering world-class education and fostering a great level of social responsibility, the UEF ensures financial sustainability so that the school maintains a vibrant learning atmosphere, and keeps growing and runs in perpetuity.

A Center of
Excellence in Education


  • Khumaltar, Lalitpur-15
  • GPO Box. 8975, EPC 1477,
  • Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Phone: 977-1-5230944
  • Fax: 977-1-5570365
  • Email: info@ullens.edu.np
  • communication@ullens.edu.np
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