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Rubeena Shrestha

IBDP- Program Coordinator

Rubeena Shrestha joined the Ullens IBDP team in 2012 and has since been a firm proponent of the IB system of learning and teaching- for the transformative changes it brings to an individual’s growth, ones that go far beyond merely gaining a high school diploma valued by institutes of higher education. With a degree in English, she started her journey at Ullens IBDP as an English teacher, but then quickly moved on to also teaching Theory of Knowledge (TOK). TOK is a course that Rubeena has discovered she is passionate about, as it is a critical thinking course that values questioning, and in the times that we are currently inhabiting, what could be more important than letting young people know that in asking why things are the way they are, and in seeking to redress those injustices, they can work towards creating the world they envision living in. Rubeena is also one of the IBDP coordinators.