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Ms. Sajani Amatya

Trustee (Founding Trustee)

Ms. Sajani Amatya is one of the five founding Board of Trustees of the Ullens Education Foundation (UEF). She has been continuously serving in the UEF board since the inception of the foundation in 2006. Ms. Sajani also served as the founding and active board member of the Happy House Foundation, the non-profit child welfare organization of the Ullens.

Born and raised in Kathmandu, Ms. Sajani has well earned her status as a vibrant social worker in Nepal. She is a passionate advocate of children and women. Her high values in life, selflessness, straightforwardness and powerful enthusiasm to help the people in need has connected her with many different social organizations, in Nepal and abroad.

Ms. Sajani sits on the Board of several prestigious organizations in Nepal, all in voluntary capacity. She served for almost 30 years at Nepal Youth Foundation; a child welfare NGO involved in areas of child protection, nutrition and education to name a few; in the capacity of its board member. Today she continues to serve on the advisory board of Nepal Youth Foundation, and has executive leadership roles with Jayanti Memorial Trust, and Rural Women Unity and Development Center.