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Trip to Taudaha and Chobar

18 October 2019

After a long wait, The school planned to take us to Chobar and Taudaha Lake to observe the cultural sites and how they are being conserved. So in the first hour we left school and headed for Taudaha Lake. After around 20 mins, we reached our destination. The lake had changed a lot since my last visit. All the trees around the lake were cut down and there were comparatively less fishes than my last visit. We bought some food for the fishes and fed them. After roaming around the lake for some time, we left Taudaha Lake and headed for Chobar. After couple of minutes, we reached Chobar. Firstly, we visited a temple there. From the temple we made our way down to river where we saw the hill which is said to have been cut by Manjushree to drain all the water out of Kathmandu valley. Then, we made our way towards the Manjushree park where there was nothing much too see except a few rocks and trees and scenes of Kathmandu valley. We clicked some pictures there and headed to our respective buses. That was our final destination for the day, so we sang ourselves to school.

Keeping all the fun aside, I learned many things from this trip to Chobar and Taudaha Lake. The conservation of Taudaha Lake was done well. As it is a major tourist’s destination it was to be conserved. The lake was well walled with fences around the lake for safety of the visitors. The safety of the fishes were also taken into consideration as anything thrown inside the lake excluding the food for the fishes would lead to charges. Chobar also being one the tourist spot and cultural site of Nepal, it was also conserved well. As I live nearby Chobar, I visit the place a lot. Couple of months ago, food stores and restraunts were scattered around the road which made the place look messy, but now the stores were well managed and were kept in an organized manner. The Manjushree Park was also kept clean and organized. There was a well-made stairs which leaded to the top of the park. From the top, you can see the gap which was said to be cut by Manjushree to let the water drain out. There were flowers and trees planted around for extra beauty which I really liked.

Therefore, my overall experience of the visit was fun and educative. Feeding the fishes and fooling around with friends was fun, but I also learned a lot from this trip at the same time. I would like to request the school to take us to many more field trips just like this one which I fun for the students as well as educative.