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Ms. Youshmi Thapa

Elementary School Tier I & II Coordinator

Ms. Youshmi Thapa, the Coordinator for Early Elementary School, is a passionate teacher who has long years of experience as a first-grade teacher. She joined Ullens school in the year 2007 and believes that she has grown with the institution. She enjoys exploring, investigating and learning with students aged 5-8 which she feels is constantly nurturing and strengthening her as a competent teacher. Along with her Bachelor’s degree in English literature, she has completed a course on Curriculum Development for Preschool Leaders, ECEC, and has attended workshops on Understanding Autism organized by Autism Care Nepal Society and all in-house Professional Development Sessions. She highlights her experience in Constructivism and Progressive Methodologies Workshop at The Children’s Centre Caltech, Pasadena, California, and Evergreen Community School, Santa Monica to be the most remarkable one in her journey as a teacher. Moreover, she is a keen learner who is determined to work towards excellence and is consistently striving for the best.