School Management Committee

The School Management Committee provides strategic support and guidance to the School in order to ensure the quality of education and outcomes. The structure of the SMC has a Chairperson, the Principal is the Member Secretary, 2 parents of the school become parent representatives, along with one teacher representative and 1 local government representative and 1 local representative.

Dr. Arzu Rana Deuba


Medin Lamichhane


Mrs. Sumnima Tuladhar


Mr.Babu Ram Bishwokarma


Mr. Sanjay Adhikari


Mrs. Sarita Poudel

Department of Edu. Lalitpur Metropolitan Representive

Mr. Sudarshan Mishra

Ward Representative

School Leadership Team

Mr. Medin Lamichhane

Principal, Member Secretary

Ms. Ekta Rana

Vice Principal
Ms. Ekta Rana is committed to educating students, colleagues, families and the community through establishing strong connections. She has been an educator since the last 17 years and is in her 15th year of teaching at Ullens School. Ekta has participated in various leadership training which has enabled her to demonstrate best practice leadership skills, traits, and styles. She has been serving as a professional development mentor, presenting workshops for teachers, providing instructional support and establishing the norms of collegiality, collaboration, and continuous professional development in the school. Her intent is to create academically engaging learning experiences through an environment that fosters curiosity, creativity, and compassion. In addition, she is a member of the curriculum development committee and has supported curriculum development and enrichment relevant to the needs of the school. Obtaining her Masters of Science in Education (MS.Ed) from Bank Street Graduate School of Education, New York in addition to a Masters degree in Sociology from Tribhuvan University, she is committed to improving learning and school culture as an instructional leader and advocate, as the Vice-Principal of Academics.

Ms. Bunu Karki Thapa

Vice Principal
Ms. Bunu Karki Thapa holds a master’s degree in Education with a specialized focus on ELT (English Language Teaching) from Kathmandu University, Nepal, and is a certified TESOL (Teaching English as a Second Language) professional. She received her undergraduate degree and subsequently her Proficiency Certificate in Humanities and Social Sciences from Tribhuvan University, Nepal. She worked as a Director at the Ullens Kindergarten since August 2014, and is currently the Vice-Principal of Operations at Ullens School.

Her major past milestones in her professional career include being a coordinator/lecturer of English language at Glacier International Higher Secondary School and her sixteen years of experience at the prestigious SOS Hermann Gmeiner Higher Secondary School, where she worked as an English teacher, senior teacher and coordinator.

Ms. Prity Karki

Elementary school coordinator
Ms. Prity Karki is a diligent and determined person who thrives in challenges. She started her professional journey as a teacher at Ullens School in 2013. With a year of voluntary teaching experience in Silverdale Primary School, Sedlescombe, UK, she worked creatively upon joining Ullens School as English teacher for Secondary School and led the English Department as Head of the Department, and presently, she serves as the Elementary Level Coordinator. She is also studying M.Ed. in English Language Teaching (Third Semester) in online mode, which she shares thoroughly enjoys owing to her self-driven nature and her love for reading. Besides, she has BSc. Honors Finance and Investment and IB Diploma from the UK; and recently, she passed the Teach Like a Finn Trainee Program. Moreover, she is a versatile teacher who loves to engage meaningfully with students and has led many art-based projects, Outdoor Learning Projects, UMS MUN, Book Club, and has guided multiple theatrical performances, both in Nepali and English.

Raisa Pandey

IBDP Coordinator
Where everyone wanted to send their children to topnotch educational institutions, very few qualified, passionate individuals wanted to engage in education as a career. In response to that thought, Raisa Pandey started her career as a teacher in 2012, upon completing her Masters in Literature in English from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi. She joined Ullens in 2015 where over the years she’s taught English B, English A – Language and Literature, Theatre and Theory of Knowledge. She’s served as the Head of Department for Languages and Arts, the Extended Essay Coordinator and is currently one of the IBDP Coordinators. An avid reader with a knack for editing, she’s supervised Poetry Clubs, the Journalism Club and has edited several Yearbooks in addition to collaborating with the Theatre Club as the Technical Director for two years before directing two successful plays as part of the annual production for the DP students. Raisa’s quest for learning perfectly complements the IB philosophy of being open-minded, kind, communicative, critical – thinkers and she hopes to be able to move ahead with this driving force, in the days to come.

Rubeena Shrestha

IBDP- Program Coordinator
Rubeena Shrestha joined the Ullens IBDP team in 2012 and has since been a firm proponent of the IB system of learning and teaching- for the transformative changes it brings to an individual’s growth, ones that go far beyond merely gaining a high school diploma valued by institutes of higher education. With a degree in English, she started her journey at Ullens IBDP as an English teacher, but then quickly moved on to also teaching Theory of Knowledge (TOK). TOK is a course that Rubeena has discovered she is passionate about, as it is a critical thinking course that values questioning, and in the times that we are currently inhabiting, what could be more important than letting young people know that in asking why things are the way they are, and in seeking to redress those injustices, they can work towards creating the world they envision living in. Rubeena is also one of the IBDP coordinators.

Ullens School hires the best teachers and staff members available. They are treated with respect and their ideas are valued. We train all our teachers in the Ullens approach to education.

Team Teaching

The team-teaching approach to education is an offshoot of the Bank Street philosophy. In the elementary grades (I–V), we have a grade teaching system. Each classroom has two instructors to teach core subjects resulting in a smaller student-teacher ratio. From grade six onwards, students move about the building to subject-specific classrooms and laboratories. Core subject teachers across the grades make a special effort to collaborate with teachers of other subjects and departments, such as physical education, art, music, drama and Mandarin, for a more integrated and holistic learning experience.
Teachers work with students five days a week. They work a sixth day each week developing lesson plans and attending in-school professional development workshops. They have weekly conferences with their supervisors and faculty meetings every two weeks. Teachers are regularly observed and coached.
Coordinators ensure that educational programs, processes and equipment are up to date. They guide teachers’ lesson planning, observe their performance and foster professional development. Coordinators and teachers are always available to meet with parents.

In-House Professional Development

A committee headed by the Principal and coordinated by the Senior School and Elementary School coordinator, as well as experienced teachers, makes up the Professional Development Committee, which plans and designs trainings and workshops for teachers throughout the year.
Professional development sessions are conducted regularly. These sessions are mandatory for all teachers. Each member of the professional development committee is specially qualified to handle different subject areas. They address pedagogical and strategic issues related to teaching, learning, and student and classroom management. Teachers engage as a group in problem solving for improved teaching and learning practices.
We also invite international experts to train teachers at the school. They work alongside the professional development committee to identify and overcome challenges.

Investing in capacity building

Ullens School works hard to identify trainings and workshops that will help our teachers create a better learning environment. In addition to in- house trainings, teachers are sent for workshops organized by local and international educational organizations. School leaders and coordinators are periodically sent to the Bank Street Graduate School of Education in New York, IB-certified trainings, and partner schools in the United States for special immersion training courses.

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